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Adrienne Gibbs
Director, Multicultural @Medium. Editor. Writer. Shouted out by Beyoncé. Judge: James Beard Media Awards, Scripps Howard Awards.

I covered the dead and missing. Later I learned the hijackers lived not too far from me. Now? I’m tired of TSA searching my hair.

The ZORA Interview

The star of the Queen of Soul biopic has the perfect advice for women who lead.

Jennifer Hudson stars in “Respect,” a biopic about Aretha Franklin. Photo: Bethany Mollenkof/The New York Times/Redux

From Chicago to North Carolina: mountains, plains, rivers, valleys, islands, beaches and a vacation from remote school.

West Virginia in April 2021. Image: Getty

Nonperformative diversity is a game-changer for Chicago’s Art Institute

Kehinde Wiley. “Barack Obama, 2018.” Oil on canvas. Image: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

It’s our birthday, y’all!

Worth The Watch

What better way to celebrate Black Birder Week than with a nature stroll and a film about a Black man who loves hawks?

GIF animation: Save As/Medium; Source: Getty Images; Photo: Oklahoma Historical Society

Airbombing Black people — as American as apple pie

Here’s what you wrote about the racial reckoning of 2020

Flowers adorn a site dedicated to the life of George Floyd. Photo: Getty Images

Amber the Alchemist has some Spirit Medicine for us all.

Photo Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Akamara Tarot, Getty Images


Endings signal new starts as the Aries New Moon kicks into gear this weekend.

Photo by Mohit Sharma on Unsplash

Once you’ve gathered yourself a bit, the Aries new moon on April 11 will help you take the necessary steps…

Adrienne Gibbs

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