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  • Akilah Hughes

    Akilah Hughes

    Author | Fmr Podcast Host and Frequent Podcast Guest | IG: @akilahh | Twitter: @akilahobviously

  • Andrea Coleman

    Andrea Coleman

    Lawyer, Comic & Writer with over 764K views: I love rules, writing & laughing.

  • Ashley Richmond

    Ashley Richmond

    I write about daily practices for optimizing health and happiness. Free newsletter:

  • Sophie Lucido Johnson

    Sophie Lucido Johnson

    A person who writes and draws and eats her feelings.

  • Marilyn Flores

    Marilyn Flores

    Latina feminist from Massachusetts. Educator, bookworm, wannabe writer, dog mom, Tia, mentor. Believer in justice. Black Lives Matter.

  • Jenni Monet

    Jenni Monet

    Journalist and media critic reporting on Indigenous Affairs | Founder of the weekly newsletter @Indigenous_ly | Kʰɑwɑjkʰɑ (@LagunaPueblo )

  • High Country News

    High Country News

    Working to inform and inspire people — through in-depth journalism — to act on behalf of the West’s diverse natural and human communities.

  • Tatiana Colligan

    Tatiana Colligan

    Product Manager @ Medium

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