Gifts for the Anti-Racist In Your Life

Let your gifting match your values this holiday season

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Your budget is a moral document, so if you’re really about that anti-racist life then your gift-giving should follow suit. Now, not everyone participates in holiday-related gift practices and that’s fine. But for those who do, it’s nice to consider gifts that also seed money back to the Black community or support Black creatives and business owners in the midst of our current pandemic-oriented crisis.

The team over at MOMENTUM put together a short guide that gives ideas for a variety of people in your life — people who care about and are impacted by this fight. Representation matters, so for kids we suggest backpacks, games and even plates and cups that showcase Black brilliance. For adults who imbibe, we suggest stocking the bar with a Black-owned whiskey. For adults who are taking a much-needed moment to relax this season, we suggest luxurious candles and even wall art intended to affirm your values.

Find the guide here.



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Adrienne Gibbs

Adrienne Gibbs

Director, Creator Growth @Medium. Editor of ZORA and MOMENTUM. Writer. Mother. Proud recipient of an official Beyoncé shout out.