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Dec 14, 2022

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Writers who get race right - curated by Adrienne Gibbs

David Bowles is a distinguished author and translator. His 360-degree deep dive into Mexican futurism and its links to the past and present, and several races/cultures, is a must-read.
This was a good project for the team at Momentum. Worth reviewing again.
This is a new series that kicked off in summer 2022. It shows that multi-authored pieces can work here on Medium and each story in the series details how seemingly mundane decisions over-impact communities of color.
I talked to Ijeoma Oluo about herr NYT Bestselling book. Per the comments, some folks got mad. But why? Did they read the interview or the book? Self-reflection is a skill.
Pulse oximeters that don't read tan to dark skin are a significant problem, especially in the times of Covid-19 when oxygen measurements are key.
Tim is one of those rare writers who actually gets it - especially in regards to the intersection of Twitter, its popularity with Black and Brown users and white fragility.
This piece gives cause for reflection. If it is uncomfortable to discuss racism, imagine how uncomfortable it is to experience it. See: Emmett Till for reference.
This piece is about design and how the use of a single brown hand can mean so much to so many people and also move the needle ever so slightly toward equity.

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