Love us


from Twitter

I posted this on IG, but wanted to put it here as well.

I strongly cosign what Ibram tweeted on the Saturday the election was called. Everyone is marveling (or pissed) over the voters in more urban areas and the mailed in ballots that tipped the scales to Biden-Harris. But of those who celebrate Black voters right now, I hope the celebration moves beyond loving what we do, to loving who we are.

Love our vote, love our fashions, love our music, love our movies, love our stories, love our breastmilk, love our cleaning, love our hashtags, love our marches, love our suffrage roots, love to touch our hair, love our food, love our worship, love our nannying, love our social media, love our bodies, love our jokes, love our embrace, love our cook outs.

One more hump to get over: love us.



Adrienne Gibbs

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